The Gathering of the Realms

Transcription #2

you’ve been traveling for the better part of the day, shooting straight from the witches cove to the location of the lost citadel of Helm. Stopping only once for some food, you have pressed through the exhaustion and fatigue and finally you have it in view. the dying light of twilight shines through the gaps of the trees to the left. what was once a magnificient tower on the corner of a castle is now a crumbled ruin, barely 60 feet tall. outside a hole blown into the side of the tower stand two skeleton guards, decked in armor from head to foot and swords drawn as they robotically scan the forest. Another skeleton stands on the roof of the tower, with a bow and arrow at the ready
[2/2/2015 8:28:05 PM] Hunter Campbell: Kaiden uses a bow yes?
[2/2/2015 8:28:16 PM] chasen.hutchison: yes he is a ranger with a bow
[2/2/2015 8:28:35 PM] * chasen.hutchison sent Kaiden the Survivalist.pdf Kaiden the Survivalist.pdf *
[2/2/2015 8:31:38 PM] Hunter Campbell: Ah okay. "Kaiden, you try to keep the skeleton in the tower busy while I take care of the two on the ground.
[2/2/2015 8:31:42 PM] Hunter Campbell: "
[2/2/2015 8:32:47 PM] chasen.hutchison: he nods and nocks an arrow on his bow ready for your signal
[2/2/2015 8:35:57 PM] Hunter Campbell: I raise my shield and run in
[2/2/2015 8:36:24 PM] chasen.hutchison: simple, not so eloquent haha make initiative
[2/2/2015 8:36:52 PM] Hunter Campbell: My character is a no nonsense kinda guy
[2/2/2015 8:37:24 PM] Hunter Campbell: 19
[2/2/2015 8:38:06 PM] chasen.hutchison: shoot
[2/2/2015 8:38:33 PM] Hunter Campbell: I sprint in and make a slash for the one on the right
[2/2/2015 8:38:51 PM] chasen.hutchison: atk
[2/2/2015 8:41:28 PM] Hunter Campbell: 15
[2/2/2015 8:41:36 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/2/2015 8:42:36 PM] Hunter Campbell: 13 damage. I strike at it with intense force, enough to break some of it’s bones.
[2/2/2015 8:42:49 PM] chasen.hutchison: kill
[2/2/2015 8:46:25 PM] Hunter Campbell: Oh
[2/2/2015 8:46:28 PM] Hunter Campbell: It’s dead
[2/2/2015 8:46:37 PM] chasen.hutchison: yep
[2/2/2015 8:48:45 PM] Hunter Campbell: Okay
[2/2/2015 8:48:48 PM] Hunter Campbell: I kill it
[2/2/2015 8:48:55 PM] chasen.hutchison: whats your ac
[2/2/2015 8:49:02 PM] Hunter Campbell: 18
[2/2/2015 8:52:26 PM] chasen.hutchison: so the one surviving skeleton tries to swing its mace at you, but you manage to parry the blow easily. however, your swing to defend yourself left you open for the archer who fires true and hits you in the shoulder for 3 damage
[2/2/2015 8:52:52 PM] Hunter Campbell: Shiiiiet
[2/2/2015 8:53:04 PM] Hunter Campbell: Okay, what’s Kaiden do?
[2/2/2015 8:53:10 PM] chasen.hutchison: you control him remember
[2/2/2015 8:53:14 PM] Hunter Campbell: Ah
[2/2/2015 8:56:22 PM] chasen.hutchison: go
[2/2/2015 8:56:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: Kaiden shoots at the one in the tower
[2/2/2015 8:57:15 PM] chasen.hutchison: roll
[2/2/2015 8:58:57 PM] Hunter Campbell: trying to download the pdf
[2/2/2015 8:58:59 PM] Hunter Campbell: one sec
[2/2/2015 9:02:07 PM] chasen.hutchison: tk
[2/2/2015 9:03:21 PM] Hunter Campbell: 26
[2/2/2015 9:03:35 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/2/2015 9:04:00 PM] Hunter Campbell: 9 damage
[2/2/2015 9:04:43 PM] chasen.hutchison: not a kill
[2/2/2015 9:06:36 PM] Hunter Campbell: The arrow shoots through its eye but only gets stuck in it. Doesn’t go all the way through.
[2/2/2015 9:06:45 PM] chasen.hutchison: your turn
[2/2/2015 9:07:54 PM] Hunter Campbell: I turn to the other one and slash
[2/2/2015 9:07:59 PM] Hunter Campbell: 22
[2/2/2015 9:08:03 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/2/2015 9:08:45 PM] Hunter Campbell: 11 damage
[2/2/2015 9:08:52 PM] chasen.hutchison: kill
[2/2/2015 9:09:36 PM] Hunter Campbell: I swing my sword at it, breaking its arm off, then go for a kick in the chest and it flies apart
[2/2/2015 9:09:51 PM] Hunter Campbell: I kinda wish I was a tempest cleric
[2/2/2015 9:09:53 PM] Hunter Campbell: hahaha
[2/2/2015 9:10:07 PM] chasen.hutchison: haha the god of battle?
[2/2/2015 9:10:37 PM] Hunter Campbell: it’s a domain
[2/2/2015 9:10:50 PM] chasen.hutchison: the archer shoots blindly down at you in, in its robotic focus , but the arrow lands harmlessly next to you
[2/2/2015 9:11:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: wooo
[2/2/2015 9:11:18 PM] Hunter Campbell: Kaiden shoots
[2/2/2015 9:11:31 PM] Hunter Campbell: 19
[2/2/2015 9:12:10 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/2/2015 9:12:45 PM] Hunter Campbell: 8
[2/2/2015 9:12:51 PM] chasen.hutchison: kkill
[2/2/2015 9:13:41 PM] Hunter Campbell: kkkkkiiillll
[2/2/2015 9:13:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: The arrow hits it between the eyes this time, shattering its skull.
[2/2/2015 9:16:24 PM] chasen.hutchison: Kaiden comes from the bushes behind you, his bow at the ready. “That was easy”
[2/2/2015 9:22:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: “It felt way too easy.”
[2/2/2015 9:22:50 PM] chasen.hutchison: "This wizard is probably either really powerful, or really lucky
[2/2/2015 9:25:09 PM] Hunter Campbell: "Let’s hope he’s lucky, and expect him to be powerful.
[2/2/2015 9:25:11 PM] Hunter Campbell: "
[2/2/2015 9:25:40 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Sounds like a plan.” he motions to the hole in the wall, “wonder what caused this?”
[2/2/2015 9:27:30 PM] Hunter Campbell: “something big?”
[2/2/2015 9:30:02 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Lets go” and steps inside, to the darkness of the tower
[2/2/2015 9:30:33 PM] Hunter Campbell: I walk in with him
[2/2/2015 9:32:19 PM] chasen.hutchison: you see a circular room with the ground made of stone and dirt, and a staircase in the corner. the entire building is tilted at a slight angle, not enough to make it difficult, but enough to confuse you
[2/2/2015 9:33:09 PM] Hunter Campbell: “should we climb?”
[2/2/2015 9:33:26 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Wizards are usually at the top of towers in my experience”
[2/2/2015 9:34:27 PM] Hunter Campbell: the cliches
[2/2/2015 9:34:32 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Alright then, let’s go!”
[2/2/2015 9:35:20 PM] chasen.hutchison: “You first, i’ll cover you”
[2/2/2015 9:36:31 PM] Hunter Campbell: I walk up the stair
[2/2/2015 9:36:33 PM] Hunter Campbell: s
[2/2/2015 9:38:27 PM] chasen.hutchison: you come up the stairs and see a staircase on the other side of the room. between the two of you is a skeleton. not just any skeleton, but a minotaur skeleton, it tries to puff as it sees you, but all that comes out is dust from its bones. its greataxe held in his hand menacingly
[2/2/2015 9:39:41 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I’ll hold him off, you stay in the back and shoot him. Like always.”
[2/2/2015 9:39:58 PM] chasen.hutchison: Roll init
[2/2/2015 9:40:53 PM] Hunter Campbell: 12 for me 10 for him
[2/2/2015 9:41:43 PM] chasen.hutchison: You go first
[2/2/2015 9:47:05 PM] chasen.hutchison: actually lets continue tommorrow, i gotta go
[2/2/2015 9:47:13 PM] Hunter Campbell: awww okee
[2/2/2015 9:47:15 PM] Hunter Campbell: night
[2/2/2015 9:47:20 PM] chasen.hutchison: night
[2/3/2015 4:26:38 PM] chasen.hutchison: sup
[2/3/2015 4:26:46 PM] Hunter Campbell: heyyy
[2/3/2015 4:26:54 PM] chasen.hutchison: that was quick haha
[2/3/2015 4:27:03 PM] Hunter Campbell: lol
[2/3/2015 4:27:12 PM] chasen.hutchison: been waiting?
[2/3/2015 4:30:55 PM] Hunter Campbell: nah, just on the com
[2/3/2015 4:30:57 PM] Hunter Campbell: p
[2/3/2015 4:31:04 PM] chasen.hutchison: ah i see, not busy?
[2/3/2015 4:31:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: not for now
[2/3/2015 4:31:24 PM] chasen.hutchison: sweet, later?
[2/3/2015 4:31:41 PM] Hunter Campbell: ill be busy in a few hours
[2/3/2015 4:53:24 PM] chasen.hutchison: tk so do you want to play?
[2/3/2015 4:53:31 PM] Hunter Campbell: yeah
[2/3/2015 4:53:48 PM] chasen.hutchison: ok where did we leave off
[2/3/2015 4:55:19 PM] Hunter Campbell: I was about to fight a minotaur skeleton
[2/3/2015 4:55:36 PM] chasen.hutchison: tk, it was you, minotaur and then Kaiden right?
[2/3/2015 4:55:49 PM] Hunter Campbell: well I knew I went first
[2/3/2015 4:55:57 PM] chasen.hutchison: well thats the order haha
[2/3/2015 4:56:03 PM] Hunter Campbell: okay
[2/3/2015 4:56:10 PM] Hunter Campbell: I run in and attack him
[2/3/2015 4:56:11 PM] Hunter Campbell: KYAH
[2/3/2015 4:56:32 PM] chasen.hutchison: roll
[2/3/2015 4:56:35 PM] Hunter Campbell: 13
[2/3/2015 4:57:21 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/3/2015 4:57:28 PM] Hunter Campbell: woo
[2/3/2015 4:57:35 PM] Hunter Campbell: 14
[2/3/2015 4:58:06 PM] chasen.hutchison: describe the wound
[2/3/2015 4:58:35 PM] Hunter Campbell: My blade hits its ribs and shatters a few.
[2/3/2015 5:01:33 PM] chasen.hutchison: So…the minotaur steps back and swings with its mighty greataxe, youre so shocked by the speed that the hulking creature possesses that you barely raised your shield in time to block the axe, but the shockwave of the blow knocks you back flying into the wall a few feet behind you, taking 10 damage
[2/3/2015 5:01:57 PM] Hunter Campbell: ow
[2/3/2015 5:02:06 PM] chasen.hutchison: kaidens turn
[2/3/2015 5:02:27 PM] Hunter Campbell: Kaiden shoots for the face
[2/3/2015 5:02:35 PM] Hunter Campbell: 15
[2/3/2015 5:02:39 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/3/2015 5:02:51 PM] Hunter Campbell: 10
[2/3/2015 5:03:16 PM] chasen.hutchison: describe a wound
[2/3/2015 5:03:41 PM] Hunter Campbell: The arrow sails through its head, creating a gaping holw.
[2/3/2015 5:03:53 PM] chasen.hutchison: your turn
[2/3/2015 5:05:31 PM] Hunter Campbell: I use divine smite. My sword glows with divine energy, and I growl, and roar, “Helm take you!” nat… 20?
[2/3/2015 5:05:50 PM] chasen.hutchison: why the question mark
[2/3/2015 5:06:04 PM] Hunter Campbell: because that’s a lot of damage
[2/3/2015 5:06:27 PM] chasen.hutchison: well you hit
[2/3/2015 5:06:30 PM] Hunter Campbell: yeah
[2/3/2015 5:06:42 PM] chasen.hutchison: damage
[2/3/2015 5:06:47 PM] Hunter Campbell: one se
[2/3/2015 5:06:48 PM] Hunter Campbell: c
[2/3/2015 5:07:17 PM] chasen.hutchison: tk
[2/3/2015 5:08:09 PM] Hunter Campbell: do I roll double divine smite damage?
[2/3/2015 5:08:26 PM] chasen.hutchison: no
[2/3/2015 5:08:30 PM] Hunter Campbell: 25
[2/3/2015 5:08:45 PM] chasen.hutchison: describe a wound
[2/3/2015 5:09:42 PM] Hunter Campbell: The sword connects to its arm, exploding with divine energy. The skeleton flies back, looking a bit broken.
[2/3/2015 5:10:20 PM] chasen.hutchison: make a str save
[2/3/2015 5:11:00 PM] Hunter Campbell: 16
[2/3/2015 5:11:25 PM] chasen.hutchison: how much hp do you have left?
[2/3/2015 5:11:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: 22
[2/3/2015 5:12:10 PM] chasen.hutchison: well youre at one now
[2/3/2015 5:12:17 PM] Hunter Campbell: XD
[2/3/2015 5:12:23 PM] Hunter Campbell: holy shit
[2/3/2015 5:12:24 PM] Hunter Campbell: why?
[2/3/2015 5:14:16 PM] chasen.hutchison: as you throw the minotaur back, you can see the bones of the creature bristle a little before it just charges at you. You don’t have time to dodge out of the way, so you brace yourself against the wall, as it lowers its head and collides with you. the wall behind you crumbles behind the force, and you land on the ground twenty feet below, pinned underneath the horns of the minotaur, one of them going through your abdomen
[2/3/2015 5:15:02 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Hey Kaiden? I know what made the hole”
[2/3/2015 5:15:19 PM] Hunter Campbell: coughs blood
[2/3/2015 5:15:28 PM] chasen.hutchison: kaidens turn
[2/3/2015 5:15:34 PM] chasen.hutchison: and nice one
[2/3/2015 5:16:04 PM] Hunter Campbell: So the minotaur and I are on the ground, and kaiden is still in the tower?
[2/3/2015 5:16:23 PM] chasen.hutchison: yes, but he gains advantage on his attack cause hes higher than his target
[2/3/2015 5:16:32 PM] Hunter Campbell: cool
[2/3/2015 5:16:45 PM] Hunter Campbell: Does Kaiden have any special moves?
[2/3/2015 5:17:03 PM] chasen.hutchison: just ranger spells
[2/3/2015 5:17:10 PM] Hunter Campbell: :P
[2/3/2015 5:17:17 PM] Hunter Campbell: Okay, Kaiden shoots the minotaur
[2/3/2015 5:17:34 PM] Hunter Campbell: 26
[2/3/2015 5:17:37 PM] chasen.hutchison: alrighty then if you’re sure…
[2/3/2015 5:17:48 PM] Hunter Campbell: lol what else should I do?
[2/3/2015 5:17:55 PM] chasen.hutchison: spells? haha
[2/3/2015 5:18:26 PM] Hunter Campbell: kay lemme check
[2/3/2015 5:19:23 PM] Hunter Campbell: im really glad cure wounds has a range of touch
[2/3/2015 5:19:53 PM] chasen.hutchison: ha
[2/3/2015 5:20:56 PM] Hunter Campbell: hail of thorns would kill Uriel
[2/3/2015 5:21:05 PM] chasen.hutchison: true
[2/3/2015 5:21:28 PM] chasen.hutchison: i actually don’t know what spells, i was just checking if thats what you’d want to do
[2/3/2015 5:21:41 PM] Hunter Campbell: I mean
[2/3/2015 5:21:59 PM] Hunter Campbell: Ensnaring strike might not be a good idea
[2/3/2015 5:22:06 PM] Hunter Campbell: but it could be
[2/3/2015 5:23:09 PM] chasen.hutchison: depends on luck..
[2/3/2015 5:23:19 PM] Hunter Campbell: lol
[2/3/2015 5:23:22 PM] Hunter Campbell: ENSARING STIKE
[2/3/2015 5:23:26 PM] Hunter Campbell: I do that
[2/3/2015 5:23:45 PM] chasen.hutchison: alright, describe
[2/3/2015 5:24:07 PM] Hunter Campbell: well I have to hit him
[2/3/2015 5:24:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: with an arrow
[2/3/2015 5:24:36 PM] chasen.hutchison: alright attack
[2/3/2015 5:24:47 PM] Hunter Campbell: non nat 20
[2/3/2015 5:24:55 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/3/2015 5:25:30 PM] Hunter Campbell: it deals 10 damage, and vines sprout from the arrow and ensnare the minotaur
[2/3/2015 5:25:59 PM] chasen.hutchison: your turn
[2/3/2015 5:26:28 PM] Hunter Campbell: so I’m under a minotaur, with a horn through me.
[2/3/2015 5:26:33 PM] chasen.hutchison: yes
[2/3/2015 5:26:34 PM] Hunter Campbell: at 1 hp
[2/3/2015 5:26:43 PM] Hunter Campbell: would healing myself provoke?
[2/3/2015 5:26:50 PM] chasen.hutchison: yes
[2/3/2015 5:28:03 PM] Hunter Campbell: even lay on hands?
[2/3/2015 5:28:07 PM] chasen.hutchison: yep
[2/3/2015 5:28:13 PM] Hunter Campbell: gooood
[2/3/2015 5:28:33 PM] Hunter Campbell: Is it almost dead?
[2/3/2015 5:29:02 PM] chasen.hutchison: it is dead alright, but you don’t know if it has stopped being undead
[2/3/2015 5:29:16 PM] Hunter Campbell: :P
[2/3/2015 5:29:35 PM] chasen.hutchison: ;P
[2/3/2015 5:29:40 PM] Hunter Campbell: uhhh
[2/3/2015 5:29:47 PM] Hunter Campbell: Is it moving?
[2/3/2015 5:29:57 PM] chasen.hutchison: yes
[2/3/2015 5:30:06 PM] Hunter Campbell: grand
[2/3/2015 5:31:41 PM] Hunter Campbell: would turn the unholy provoke?
[2/3/2015 5:32:09 PM] chasen.hutchison: all spellcasting would, you’re underneath it, kinda impaled
[2/3/2015 5:32:14 PM] Hunter Campbell: ugh
[2/3/2015 5:32:25 PM] Hunter Campbell: I have no idea what to do
[2/3/2015 5:32:47 PM] chasen.hutchison: you can just try your best to do something, bout it haha
[2/3/2015 5:33:03 PM] Hunter Campbell: I try to hit it with my sword
[2/3/2015 5:33:22 PM] chasen.hutchison: tk
[2/3/2015 5:33:40 PM] Hunter Campbell: non nat 20
[2/3/2015 5:33:44 PM] chasen.hutchison: hit
[2/3/2015 5:34:02 PM] Hunter Campbell: 13 damage
[2/3/2015 5:34:04 PM] Hunter Campbell: please
[2/3/2015 5:34:17 PM] chasen.hutchison: kill
[2/3/2015 5:34:30 PM] Hunter Campbell: how much health did it hae?
[2/3/2015 5:34:32 PM] Hunter Campbell: have*
[2/3/2015 5:34:40 PM] chasen.hutchison: 67
[2/3/2015 5:34:48 PM] chasen.hutchison: just then 10
[2/3/2015 5:34:56 PM] Hunter Campbell: thank fucking christ
[2/3/2015 5:35:33 PM] Hunter Campbell: I raise my sword up in one final defiant strike, right through its head, severing the head from the spine.
[2/3/2015 5:36:08 PM] chasen.hutchison: the entire skeleton collapses into seperate bones around you, the horn still stuck inside you
[2/3/2015 5:37:08 PM] Hunter Campbell: In a very distraught voice, “Hey Kaiden!? Could you please help me get this horn out of me?”
[2/3/2015 5:37:46 PM] chasen.hutchison: he jumps down, rolling when he lands and runs over. “That would have been a good fight, had you not gotten rammed out of a tower”
[2/3/2015 5:38:57 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Getting rammed out of a tower was definitely not the plan. That thing was very strong.”
[2/3/2015 5:39:14 PM] chasen.hutchison: “It was a minotaur. What do you expect?”
[2/3/2015 5:39:35 PM] chasen.hutchison: he says as he pulls the horn out of you, and puts some cloth and pressure on the wound
[2/3/2015 5:39:46 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I didn’t expect to kill it, for sure.”
[2/3/2015 5:40:27 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Next time you see something big, do what it can’t do, and strategize” he chuckles and helps you upo
[2/3/2015 5:40:29 PM] chasen.hutchison: up
[2/3/2015 5:41:05 PM] Hunter Campbell: “That may be a good idea….” I use cure wounds on myself
[2/3/2015 5:41:13 PM] chasen.hutchison: go for it
[2/3/2015 5:41:19 PM] Hunter Campbell: for 8
[2/3/2015 5:41:25 PM] Hunter Campbell: UP TO 9
[2/3/2015 5:41:26 PM] Hunter Campbell: WOOOO
[2/3/2015 5:41:35 PM] Hunter Campbell: Then I lay on hands myself for 15
[2/3/2015 5:41:43 PM] Hunter Campbell: UP TO 24 WOOOOO
[2/3/2015 5:41:55 PM] chasen.hutchison: FUCK YEAH
[2/3/2015 5:42:01 PM] Hunter Campbell: lol
[2/3/2015 5:42:52 PM] chasen.hutchison: “And yeah, i guess you found the source of the hole”
[2/3/2015 5:43:20 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Oh I did. The source of the hole was inside me.”
[2/3/2015 5:44:26 PM] chasen.hutchison: He chuckles and hands the horn to you “a trophy sir. wipe the blood off if you want”
[2/3/2015 5:44:55 PM] Hunter Campbell: isn’t that 2 trophies now?
[2/3/2015 5:45:05 PM] chasen.hutchison: what was the first one? the beak?
[2/3/2015 5:45:19 PM] Hunter Campbell: yeah
[2/3/2015 5:45:39 PM] chasen.hutchison: maybe, gotta go for a bit be back in a few
[2/3/2015 5:45:41 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Thank you, Kaiden.” I wipe off my blood
[2/3/2015 5:45:43 PM] Hunter Campbell: oay
[2/3/2015 5:47:45 PM] Hunter Campbell: Actually I think I’m done for the day
[2/3/2015 5:57:01 PM] chasen.hutchison: you sure
[2/3/2015 5:57:23 PM] Hunter Campbell: yeah sorry I have to write
[2/3/2015 5:57:45 PM] chasen.hutchison: its fine, theres no further fighting from here on in what i have planned though
[2/3/2015 6:03:02 PM] Hunter Campbell: oh
[2/3/2015 6:03:04 PM] Hunter Campbell: okay
[2/3/2015 6:03:27 PM] chasen.hutchison: so respond whenever you want ok
[2/3/2015 6:03:31 PM] Hunter Campbell: I can play then
[2/3/2015 6:03:31 PM] Hunter Campbell: yeah
[2/3/2015 6:05:21 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Shall we get this wizard then?” Kaiden asks, grabbing his bow again
[2/3/2015 6:05:49 PM] Hunter Campbell: "Yes, I suppose I’m healthy enough.
[2/3/2015 6:09:17 PM] chasen.hutchison: He motions with his head towards the tower “I don’t last well up front”
[2/3/2015 6:10:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: “right, I’ll take the lead. This time I’ll be more strategic than just running in.”
[2/3/2015 6:10:27 PM] chasen.hutchison: He nods and follows you’
[2/3/2015 6:10:47 PM] Hunter Campbell: UP THE TOWER
[2/3/2015 6:11:48 PM] chasen.hutchison: as you ascend the tower, you begin to hear strange sounds. something that you wouldn’t expect to hear as you approached the top of the wizard’s tower. something like…crying?
[2/3/2015 6:12:47 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Do you hear that, Kaiden?”
[2/3/2015 6:13:04 PM] chasen.hutchison: “yeah….” he nocks an arrow on his bow
[2/3/2015 6:13:35 PM] Hunter Campbell: I draw my sword and go up to the top
[2/3/2015 6:15:44 PM] chasen.hutchison: you find a figure in an unconscious slump chained to the wall in a crude crucifix looking way. a few feet away, you see a man in robes sitting in the fetal position, with alchemical ingredients surrounding him, thrown about in some sort of tantrum. A small pool of blood lays underneath the robed figure
[2/3/2015 6:16:19 PM] Hunter Campbell: “What in Helm’s name is going on here?”
[2/3/2015 6:18:10 PM] chasen.hutchison: the robed figure shambles to his feet, blood dripping from a stomach wound “i have been played for a fool..” and begins to stumble towards you
[2/3/2015 6:18:50 PM] Hunter Campbell: “stay back, and explain what happened.”
[2/3/2015 6:20:43 PM] chasen.hutchison: “the man in black..” he winces “came to me after my daughter died…told me a way….to get revenge….he used me…said that i failed…let someone live when they were supposed to die…” he begins to cough up blood a little
[2/3/2015 6:22:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: “sit down, I’m going to come heal your wounds a bit. Do not do anything stupid, I will not hesitate to end your life.”
[2/3/2015 6:22:33 PM] chasen.hutchison: he nods, sliding back to the stone floor
[2/3/2015 6:23:57 PM] Hunter Campbell: I cautiously wallk up to him and use cure wounds
[2/3/2015 6:24:18 PM] chasen.hutchison: he doesn’t do anything but weep
[2/3/2015 6:24:34 PM] Hunter Campbell: 9
[2/3/2015 6:24:46 PM] chasen.hutchison: bleeding stops
[2/3/2015 6:25:05 PM] Hunter Campbell: “are you alright?”
[2/3/2015 6:25:45 PM] chasen.hutchison: he continues to weep
[2/3/2015 6:26:10 PM] Hunter Campbell: I give him a hug
[2/3/2015 6:26:15 PM] Hunter Campbell: cause I’m a nice guy
[2/3/2015 6:27:22 PM] chasen.hutchison: Kaiden just stands there, bow at the ready. the robed man just says “in payment, i had to find this tower for the man in black”
[2/3/2015 6:28:04 PM] Hunter Campbell: “who is this man in black?”
[2/3/2015 6:28:41 PM] chasen.hutchison: “I don’t know. He wore black plate armor, with dark red cloth. he always had his hood up”
[2/3/2015 6:29:49 PM] Hunter Campbell: “… black plate and red cloth? Where is he? What did he make you do?”
[2/3/2015 6:30:29 PM] chasen.hutchison: “He told me to find this tower, and when i did he would give me the secret to get revenge on those that let my daughter be killed..”
[2/3/2015 6:36:52 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Who killed your daughter?”
[2/3/2015 6:38:55 PM] chasen.hutchison: “I have been trying to tell the town watch that the local bandits have been organizing, but they failed to do anything. I learned that the mayor was in the pocket of the bandits, and i came home one day to find my daughter slaughtered in her bed. The town failed my daughter, Hovel killed my daughter!” he begins to growl a little at the edge of his rant, his voice rising as he continues
[2/3/2015 6:41:19 PM] Hunter Campbell: They mayor is with the bandits? Is the rest of the town, as well??
[2/3/2015 6:41:30 PM] Hunter Campbell: ""
[2/3/2015 6:42:10 PM] chasen.hutchison: “I don’t care, the watch couldn’t protect her, the mayor harbored them, the town people ignored them. They all killed her!”
[2/3/2015 6:42:47 PM] Hunter Campbell: Are you responsible for the undead that attack the village nightly?
[2/3/2015 6:42:56 PM] Hunter Campbell: ""
[2/3/2015 6:42:59 PM] Hunter Campbell: Fuq
[2/3/2015 6:43:45 PM] chasen.hutchison: “What do you think? Its what they deserve for my dear Sophia..”
[2/3/2015 6:44:25 PM] Hunter Campbell: I detect evil in him
[2/3/2015 6:45:23 PM] chasen.hutchison: You don’t sense evil per se, but the corruption of revenge
[2/3/2015 6:46:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Who is the person chained to the wall, and what happened to you?”
[2/3/2015 6:48:49 PM] chasen.hutchison: “I don’t know, a creature my skeletons found in the woods. The man in black stabbed me after he betrayed me”
[2/3/2015 6:50:34 PM] Hunter Campbell: I stay silent for a few seconds. “The town isn’t at fault here. The bandits were the ones that really killed your daughter. You should take revenge upon then instead of the innocent townspeople!”
[2/3/2015 6:51:54 PM] Hunter Campbell: Them*
[2/3/2015 6:52:01 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Oh i did. i first sent the undead to the bandits. but that wasn’t the root of the problem, if the town would have done something, then she would be alive!”
[2/3/2015 6:57:55 PM] Hunter Campbell: “The people you’re killing are innocent. They’re in so much pain. I saw it myself. The town is burning. Don’t you see that you’re worse than the bandits that killed your own daughter?”
[2/3/2015 6:59:22 PM] chasen.hutchison: He quivers with anger, but he sighs. “You’re right. I should have left the town alone after i killed the mayor..”
[2/3/2015 7:00:52 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Will you end the attacks?”
[2/3/2015 7:02:40 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Take me to the town, i’ll face my judgement”
[2/3/2015 7:11:40 PM] Hunter Campbell: “They will most likely kill you.”
[2/3/2015 7:11:59 PM] chasen.hutchison: “I must atone.”
[2/3/2015 7:21:01 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Okay, let me tie you up.” I tie him up and then go look at the figure that’s chained up
[2/3/2015 7:25:24 PM] chasen.hutchison: You see a bag on their head
[2/3/2015 7:25:43 PM] Hunter Campbell: I pull the bag off
[2/3/2015 7:26:41 PM] chasen.hutchison: You see the bruised and battered face of the Githyanki you found in the Astral plane. His depressed eyes widen when he sees you, and his mouth opens just a little
[2/3/2015 7:27:11 PM] Hunter Campbell: I FUCKING NEW IT
[2/3/2015 7:27:25 PM] Hunter Campbell: I gasp
[2/3/2015 7:28:20 PM] Hunter Campbell: I unchain him and use my last spell to cast cure wounds on him
[2/3/2015 7:29:40 PM] chasen.hutchison: He scrambles to his feet, walks over to the robed man, and punches him. Then moves over to a pack and grabs a silver greatsword, intricately made and exquisitely decorated
[2/3/2015 7:31:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: I stand between the Githyanki and the wizard, and shake my head. I point to the wizard, make a “no” sign, and run my thumb across my neck.
[2/3/2015 7:32:32 PM] chasen.hutchison: He growls a little “He…pain…me…” he struggles with the words
[2/3/2015 7:33:46 PM] Hunter Campbell: “You can speak?” I stay silent for a second. “He kill many people. He face judgment soon.”
[2/3/2015 7:34:39 PM] chasen.hutchison: “I found him weeks ago. Picked up on some of the common i would speak to the man in black and my minions” the robed one spits blood out of his mouth
[2/3/2015 7:35:36 PM] Hunter Campbell: how long has it been since I was in the astral plane?
[2/3/2015 7:35:54 PM] chasen.hutchison: a day
[2/3/2015 7:36:07 PM] Hunter Campbell: “weeks ago?”
[2/3/2015 7:36:15 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Yes, weeks”
[2/3/2015 7:36:44 PM] Hunter Campbell: “How… Is that possible? I met this man in the Astral plane yesterday.”
[2/3/2015 7:37:36 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Time between planar travel is not always clear cut like it is here”
[2/3/2015 7:38:16 PM] Hunter Campbell: “That is very strange… Why did you hurt him?” I say angrily?
[2/3/2015 7:38:20 PM] Hunter Campbell: .*
[2/3/2015 7:38:56 PM] chasen.hutchison: “I have never seen such a creature before. And i wanted to know what he knew”
[2/3/2015 7:42:22 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I rescued him from the astral plane. That’s all you need to know about him. He is my friend.” I growl. “You will come with me, wizard. You will see your judgment in Hovel.” To the Githyanki, “Do you have a name, friend?”
[2/3/2015 7:43:14 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Me….Zerminthon”
[2/3/2015 7:45:13 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I’m glad to see you again, Zerminthon. I am called Uriel. This (I point to Kaiden) is Kaiden. Come with us. We will see this wizard to his fate.”
[2/3/2015 7:46:19 PM] chasen.hutchison: He nods, and puts a sheath on his back to carry his silver sword. He nods again and points, grabbing the wizard and dragging him along
[2/3/2015 7:47:45 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Let’s go, then.” I lead the way back to town
[2/3/2015 7:52:00 PM] chasen.hutchison: You make it all the way to the town by sunrise, and see a crowd of people standing in the square. The corpses are all cleared away, but the rest of the town shows the signs of battle. You see the man in a sling that first talked to you when you got there, he is the one at the edge of the crowd looking at you.
[2/3/2015 7:53:08 PM] Hunter Campbell: I say to my followers, “stay here for a second. I will come get you. Kaiden, stay with them for a moment.” I walk up to the guy in the sling
[2/3/2015 7:54:46 PM] chasen.hutchison: "Thank you. Whatever you did, it worked. We were able to sleep more than a few hours for the first time in several weeks.
[2/3/2015 7:57:46 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I believe we stopped the attacks. The is with me, and I’ve brought him here to face judgment by the town’s hands. If you choose to kill him, please do it quickly and as painlessly as possible. He is not an evil man. He was corrupted by revenge. Bandits came and killed his daughter and he says the town did nothing to stop it. I will bring him over now. Oh, and don’t mind the humanoid creature. He is my friend. Do not hurt him.”
[2/3/2015 7:57:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: the wizard*
[2/3/2015 7:59:39 PM] chasen.hutchison: He nods and shouts something like “make a noose” to somebody and takes the wizard by the arm, “we’ll talk about your reward in the chapel’s private office”
[2/3/2015 8:00:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Helm help your soul, wizard.”
[2/3/2015 8:01:56 PM] chasen.hutchison: The Gith looks around confusedly, looking at the buildings and the people strangely
[2/3/2015 8:02:52 PM] Hunter Campbell: I walk over to him, and pat him on the back. “It’s okay. These are friends.”
[2/3/2015 8:03:11 PM] chasen.hutchison: “This…town?”
[2/3/2015 8:04:01 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Yes, this a town. People live in the houses.”
[2/3/2015 8:05:39 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Hmm…”
[2/3/2015 8:06:03 PM] Hunter Campbell: “don’t worry, these people are good.”
[2/3/2015 8:07:22 PM] chasen.hutchison: "Good?’
[2/3/2015 8:10:12 PM] Hunter Campbell: “yes. Nice. Not bad. Won’t hurt you.”
[2/3/2015 8:10:50 PM] chasen.hutchison: he nods
[2/3/2015 8:16:40 PM] Hunter Campbell: What’s the name of the princess again?
[2/3/2015 8:17:14 PM] chasen.hutchison: Venetia
[2/3/2015 8:17:30 PM] Hunter Campbell: “come, let’s meet Venetia.”
[2/3/2015 8:17:42 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Venetia?”
[2/3/2015 8:18:27 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Princess. Shhhh. that’s a secret.” To Kaiden, “Kaiden, come with me to Venetia.”
[2/3/2015 8:19:24 PM] chasen.hutchison: (Everyone in the town knows) “We left her in the chapel i believe”
[2/3/2015 8:21:50 PM] Hunter Campbell: “yes, we did. Let’s go.” TO HER
[2/3/2015 8:23:28 PM] Hunter Campbell: multiclassing is super simplified and I love it
[2/3/2015 8:24:07 PM] chasen.hutchison: You walk in to the priest’s private office, where Venetia snores quietly in the chair, exausted beyond any knowledge you’ve had
[2/3/2015 8:29:23 PM] Hunter Campbell: I leave. “we should let her sleep.”
[2/3/2015 8:30:29 PM] chasen.hutchison: Before you do so you see the town guard in a sling walk in, “wake up princess, time to talk to the others about the plan”
[2/3/2015 8:30:39 PM] chasen.hutchison: and she wakes up
[2/3/2015 8:36:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: “… Hello, Venetia. I didn’t want to wake you.”
[2/3/2015 8:38:04 PM] chasen.hutchison: "Thats fine. So the Acting Mayor and i have been talking, and we came up with a plan
[2/3/2015 8:39:02 PM] Hunter Campbell: “What’s the plan? Also, This is my friend, Zerminthon.” I point at him. “Zerminthon, this is Venetia.”
[2/3/2015 8:46:00 PM] chasen.hutchison: He nods. “We plan on fighting against this Bandit King, and his forces of brigands. We are going to be using this town as a staging area, courtesy of the Acting Mayor’s permission. We need to focus on hitting their supply lines, as well as getting people to support us, either through monetary support or by donating fighters for the cause. I am the only one left in my family, and the only claim any chance a resistance movement could have”
[2/3/2015 8:52:07 PM] Hunter Campbell: “That’s a great idea.”
[2/3/2015 8:52:47 PM] chasen.hutchison: “We will dedicate whatever able bodied men we have to the cause, as well as 500 gold pieces. Its all we could cobble together”
[2/3/2015 8:57:11 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Sounds good. What would you like me to do, princess?”
[2/3/2015 8:58:14 PM] chasen.hutchison: “You are going to be the Grand Marshal or whatever you want to call yourself of this new army. You shall assemble it and lead the forces”
[2/3/2015 9:00:59 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I quite like the sound of that.”
[2/3/2015 9:01:34 PM] chasen.hutchison: (hang on gotta shower)
[2/3/2015 9:03:40 PM] Hunter Campbell: kk
[2/3/2015 9:20:21 PM] chasen.hutchison: back
[2/3/2015 9:24:20 PM] Hunter Campbell: Kay
[2/3/2015 9:25:58 PM] chasen.hutchison: “There are numerous places that are being subjugated in the kingdom, but not a lot of people will openly rebel, so you may need to curry favor to gain support.” the acting mayor says
[2/3/2015 9:35:14 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I am willing to do whatever it takes.”
[2/3/2015 9:36:19 PM] chasen.hutchison: “Good. We recieved a communication from a courier traveling through town. Besides your name, we can’t read it”
[2/3/2015 9:49:32 PM] Hunter Campbell: “Can I see it?”
[2/3/2015 9:51:33 PM] chasen.hutchison: He hands it to you its in an old code that you and the other Guardians were taught a while back.


Things are pretty bad here in the captial. The Bandit King is cracking down on the people with ruthless authority. Armed patrols roam the streets, and a strict curfew has been established over night. Its hard to operate here.
[2/3/2015 9:51:35 PM] chasen.hutchison: wait
[2/3/2015 9:56:52 PM] chasen.hutchison: I set myself up with some of my old contacts, and we have been trying to figure out the goings on of the BK’s army, but we have hit a couple snags. If its possible, could you get into the city within the next few weeks and assist? I found something you might be interested in.

The Monastery was attacked again, but this time by the combined forces of the entirety of the King’s Army, and was occupied. We are the last two Guardians in the kingdom you and I.

Your brother was executed after a so called trial. He was thrown off one of the towers of the castle, and into the Rapids. I’m sorry, i couldn’t recover the body to bury it properly.

Take your time and be careful getting here, i don’t want your death on my conscience.

[2/3/2015 10:06:58 PM] Hunter Campbell: I read it aloud.
[2/3/2015 10:08:01 PM] chasen.hutchison: “How trustworthy is this person?” Kaiden asks, sitting down underneath a window
[2/3/2015 10:14:05 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I’ve known him all my life, really. He’s a great friend.”
[2/3/2015 10:14:31 PM] chasen.hutchison: “All right. Having a friend in the capital would be beneficial”
[2/3/2015 10:28:56 PM] chasen.hutchison: “We can strategize in afternoon, you look like you need rest” Venetia says
[2/3/2015 10:29:21 PM] Hunter Campbell: “I think we all do. Let’s get some sleep.”


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