An alien to this land, the Githyanki warrior stands tall and proud, surveying his surroundings crititcally.


Love isn’t something that is in the Gith culture, especially in the martial Githyanki caste system. However Zerminthon thought to break free of his social confinements, and fell in love with a Gith woman from the priest class. Knowing they couldn’t keep their secret, they thought to flee during a patrol in the Astral Plane and hide in one of the numerous color pools leading to another plane of existence.

While on the run, they encountered a physical representation of a strange creature. Though they couldn’t understand each other’s words they both recognized the good in each other, and the representation fought with them, giving them time to reach one of the color pools by the time the Githyanki warship arrived. With a firing of ballista bolts, the ship struck Zerminthon’s love, killing her almost instantly.

Consoling him silently and forcing him not to fight the ship to his death, the representation forced the warrior into the color pool leading him to the material plane.

Arriving a few weeks into the past of the representation’s, Uriel Avacyn, current time, he was captured by a wizard and tortured for information, however he didn’t understand common so it was all for naught.

Rescued by Uriel during a raid on the wizard’s tower for raising an army of the undead to attack the nearby town of Hovel. After being rescued and spoken to, Uriel and Princess Venetia found that he picked up on a few words and phrases of common due to overheard conversations between the wizard and the Black Knight a mysterious man who betrayed the wizard.

Accompanying Uriel on his return journey to The Bridge, he rapidly picked up on his knowledge of common, attaining a rudimentary level within a few weeks. He also quickly attained knowledge of the racism of creatures of the Material Plane, being forced to wait outside the Bridge while his companion talks to the Lord Noble.


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