Neren's Letter #1



I believe the situation is more dire than we feared. The attack on you was part of a multitargeted attack, on your family and the Kings. It was a coup by a man named Tiberius, who raised an army of mercenaries and bandits, and who came in and slaughtered King Adrian in his throne. Most of your family died defending him, and Tiberius sent agents to kill the rest of the two families, seeking a destruction of all those that contest his will.

Helmite worship has been banned in the capital of Aelud, and the Bandit King has already cracked down on the city, to quell any resistance that might overthrow him before he could recover his strength. As of the last information I have gathered, you and your eldest brother are all that remains of the Avacyn family, and the King’s daughter and youngest son are all that remains of the Royal Family.

You must be very cautious my friend. Tell few your real name, and fewer your quest (whatever it may be). I shall remain here, using the contacts that I have to see if I can find any information on this Bandit King.

Be careful my friend,

Neren's Letter #1

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