Neren's Letter #2



Things are pretty bad here in the captial. The Bandit King is cracking down on the people with ruthless authority. Armed patrols roam the streets, and a strict curfew has been established over night. Its hard to operate here.
[2/3/2015 9:51:35 PM] chasen.hutchison: wait
[2/3/2015 9:56:52 PM] chasen.hutchison: I set myself up with some of my old contacts, and we have been trying to figure out the goings on of the BK’s army, but we have hit a couple snags. If its possible, could you get into the city within the next few weeks and assist? I found something you might be interested in.

The Monastery was attacked again, but this time by the combined forces of the entirety of the King’s Army, and was occupied. We are the last two Guardians in the kingdom you and I.

Your brother was executed after a so called trial. He was thrown off one of the towers of the castle, and into the Rapids. I’m sorry, i couldn’t recover the body to bury it properly.

Take your time and be careful getting here, i don’t want your death on my conscience.


Neren's Letter #2

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