The Bridge


Ancient city of the dwarves, and the center of all commerce between the realms. Through the use of the underground highways, touching the edges of the Underdark, it links the dwarven mines with the halfling caravans, elven councils, and the human kingdoms.

History and Government:

Once, this city was like all others, just a normal city carved into the inside of a mountain. But after millennium of mining, the interior and exterior of the mountain was chiseled away, until the once underground city is exposed to the light of day. The two peaks that the Bridge spans between was once the two sides of a single mountain.

This city is the pseudo capital of the Dwarven halls, as the Council of Nobles gathers there, twice a year to discuss issues pertaining to the entirety of the Dwarven civilization, such as mutual defense, economy, and relations with foreign realms. Though emergency sessions can be held in dire emergencies.


Even though the city is an economic powerhouse, the populace remains highly isolationist. This has spawned several markets on the outskirts of the city, dedicated to foreigners and their goods. The interior of the city itself has few foreign shops. Due to this isolationist nature, it is extremely hard to gain entrance into the city, even for some dwarves.

The Bridge

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